Our Team



John Hartinger is the sole founder of Hartinger Companies, a MN based entrepreneurial enterprise specializing in retail, property development and management.

John Hartinger earned his BA from Pillsbury Baptist College in 1977 and his Master’s of Divinity in 1983 from Trinity Theological Seminary, with a PhD in 1984. Following seminary, John pastored a small church in Pine City, MN while also working as a journeyman painter.

Always interested in politics, John’s passion for small businesses grew during his term in the MN State Legislature from 1984-86. In 1985 John bought a paint company, St. Anthony paints, a brick-and-mortar store, from a family business started in 1955. John Hartinger actively grew the Hartinger Companies while raising a family of 3 children with his wife, Diane. His current portfolio is diverse from residential and commercial property management, to e-commerce and retail. 



In 1996 John hired a young lady bound for design school on the East Coast. Shannon Hartinger brought back her passion and love for design, textiles and sales and helped propel the home-decor portion of John’s businesses. Shannon is now the Vice President of Operations, overseeing every aspect of the Hartinger Companies.